Personal Injury

Collisions often happen when you least expect it or at a convenient time in your life. One of the most common questions injured persons ask us is,
“What happens next?:  We have never then though something like this before.”

Thankfully we have represented thousands of clients who were injured in car crashes or from unanticipated falls.   Every case is different, and each client’s results are unique.   If you left wondering when you will get back to work, who will pay your medical bills and household bills.

Let us protect your rights and hold the person responsible for the harm caused to you. You did not ask to be harmed, so you might be entitled to financial compensation. 

If you are injured because of the fault of someone else, there are very important steps you should take to protect your rights.

1. Obtain the other person’s contact information – name, address, driver’s license number.
2. Obtain the other person’s insurance information.
3. Take numerous photographs of the scene and property damage.
4. DO NOT speak with any insurance company without first speaking with a qualified attorney.
Your insurance company will not protect you, so know your rights before you make any statements.

Do let your medical bills go to collections because your insurance company drops the ball. 
While you are healing, we can make sure your rights are protected. 

How Personal Injury Lawyer help me?

You need to focus on getting well and recusing your stress. Let us focus on your case.

  • We will be you Advocate
  • We will STOP those annoying or harassing calls from insurance companies
  • It’s not possible for insurance adjuster who has never met you to have an idea
    of how bad you were injured. Let us tell them what happened from your perspective. Let your voice be heard.
  • We intervene and communicate with everyone involved in your cases- Insurance companies, medical providers, repair shops….

What kind of case do you cover?

Catastrophic Injuries

Truck and Motor
Vehicle Collisions

Motorcycle Wrecks


Falls from Hazards


What Next?
If you suffering and need to recover and not have the stress of bills, income changes, etc. Then reach out to us today to see how our team can get you focused on recovery.