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The break-up of any relationship is extremely difficult. People are unique and they react in different ways. 

Over the past 20 years, we have seen many different circumstances and responses. In some cases, people want to just hide and make things just go away. In other cases, there is real hurt and pain, and urge to lash out at the other persons is very tempting.  In any case, before you act or hide you should take the time to speak with an experienced family law attorney.  

We have that experience. We have handled a wide range of domestic relations cases like complex custody disputes or property divisions. We have achieved great results in obtaining child support or alimony for our clients.

The divorce, custody and support laws are complex and difficult to understand. You should always meet with a family law attorney before making these life-altering decisions.  Without knowing all of your rights, you might make decisions that will ultimately harm you or your children

Family Law Services

Divorce/ Separation –

Even if you know it is coming, the break-up of any relationship is difficult. You had promises and plans, and at this time in your life someone has let you down. It is likely that you are not thinking about long term consequences, so you need qualified legal advice. 

Child Custody –

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Child Support Modification –

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We can help you get through this difficult time. Let us get you on your next path.

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